Stripes and circles

Lebreton Flats and

downtown Ottawa,1976


Again the documentation is in sorry shape and almost non existent.   I ordered 1,500$ of material from

the garment district of Toronto. My friend Chris in Toronto said, "The deal is a four ft. wide red stretch

material, 8000ft. of it, red, nobody wants it." 'Great' I said. It came in several inter-city busses, then

carted to the site by taxies, the drivers a little puzzled when they dropped the material in the rolling

wasteland that was Lebreton Flats near the old waterworks.

A group of older hippies helped me spread out the red material, anchoring it down with nails. The pattern

was changed three times, with some of the stripes travelling across the city. The stripes were then cut

into circles and spread out on the same terrain.


by the Arts Centre