Other activities while doing art

pieces, was a publicity and promo

company with partner Ron Brunette

     Photo above is a style of

image we favored in newspaper

campaigns. (autobody)

Type of painting I liked to do, when a youth.

This space painting came about with the inspiration of Wonder Bread

packaging. Designed as a book 8ft.x8ft., it opened up to 8ft.x16ft.

The night I finished painting with the fluorescent paint, went for a

walk in the streets and noticed that all was very bright and sparkling this night, as my eyelashes and eyeballs were covered with fluorescent paint. Not healthy to say the least

Photo Story, U. of O., late 70's.  Photos not yet mounted to wall.  

     The professor(Philip Frye) trips and falls down the stairs, hits his head, blood, dies. At his feet is a wino(Edmund Aeylen) who steals his wallet and identity, a teaching certificate to teach at the Uni.. The wino takes over the professor's job.

The administration was not happy to have it's professors labeled

winos, and since they were paying, well-----



Saw Gallery, 1976, Ottawa        Fake Science Fair show, with impostors for professors, willing

TV stations to interview the impostors, all about the discovery of RADIUM X. Above is a hammer coated with Radium X hooked to an oscilloscope whose screen gave a wild pattern, causing concern for some viewers---many photos of fake experiments---all done at low cost and as simple as possible.     

     Below, Left----To liven up the fake show, I built a Space Room, a room with furniture and fridge, painted everything flat black, stuck fluorescent dots on

everything, then lit a black light . The feeling was of being in space, with floating 'ghost like' objects surrounding you. The inside of the fridge was also treated in the same

manner, so when you opened the door, you had Space within Space.