1)     16 x 20 in.

They made the


2)     16 x 27 in.

In happier times.

                                           3)     37 x 70 in.


Oblivious to the sure signs of impending doom,

Steve and Audrey practice contemplation,

with western edge of Love Lake in the background. 

    It is the story of Steve and Audrey, in the future.


In the 24th century, the sun is disintegrating: only a

few months left. Steve and Audrey decide to spend their remaining time in an old stone structure on the

shores of Love Lake, a time to rekindle passion.


I place myself in the role of Artistic Director of a low-brow Romance magazine, with the

stories told by melodramatic posing, bleeding colors, deadlines, hair pulling, tiny budgets,

and a gorgeous cheapness to the whole thing.

Steve and Audrey


            LOVE AND HATE