The Bay


department store


Ottawa, mid 70's





 14 days of performances at the Bay, who graciously let us have the corner

display window, viewed on 3 sides, on Rideau street.


The first shots are of Jim Boyd between actions, the actions consisting of

Jim being whipped with the plastic chromed chains, breaking glass over his

head, and spraying him with a smoke gun.

The dead fish at his feet are Jim's. 

The Blob.   My nephew John wrapped in several layers of light burlap, giving an organic feel to his movements, and

as the Blob slithered across the mirrored and broken glass littered floor, glass panes were smashed on his Blob form,

as well as oil based smoke from the trusted smoke gun.

At the end of a Blob performance, John would unwind himself out of the burlap, stand straight in his jockey shorts,

showing his 6ft.5inch 16 yr. old frame, and take a bow, a must for the ladies with the noses stuck to the display window

Jim's chair at night

mirrored floor at night.

Basic set-up, fluorescent neon tubes,

plastic tubing, mirrored floor.

co/designed with Michel Savage,

a funky artist.

constant smoke during the day